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VCV’s are short films presenting your talents, special abilities, communication and creative skills. Finding a job can be hard, and even harder finding a good one. Most CV sheets end up in the trash, either because they are poorly written, or have a terrible ID photo in the upper corner. It’s important to show not only your expertise but your personality too, and that can’t be done only by plain data.

A video showing you introducing and presenting yourself, your goals and capabilities is far more efficient than just listing your schools and certificates on a sheet of paper. Employers can rely on a personal impression when deciding to call you in for a job interview, thinking „this is the kind of person I’d work with”.
When applying for a creative job, this type of CV can bring you ahead of the competition. Show the world – and yourself – that you are the perfect choice for your dream job!

We offer different packages, so you can choose according to your preference.


Using professional lighting and sound recording technology, we record an interview, where you can talk about your schools, previous occupations, professional experience and plans for the future. Before recording, you get a list of questions, so you can prepare yourself in advance. The videos are shot in front of a basic white background, but other solutions are possible, you can sit or stand, use a teleprompter or just do it „stand-up” style, it’s all up to you.
We only use material recorded in the studio when editing your VCV, and you have one opportunity to suggest any changes.


Just like in the basic package, we do the picture and sound recording with you, and you can choose from two different backgrounds. You can also bring some photos, videos or even animations or graphics to be included in the final product. Regarding the technical and visual details of these added elements (positioning, movement etc.), you have to consult our editor. For example, if during university you spent a few semesters abroad, it could be a good idea to show some photos of you from those days. Let’s say you organized some PR events at your previous job, in that case you might want to include photos or videos of those events in your VCV. It’s a perfect opportunity to show what you have brought to the world.

Available options:
– teleprompter
– make up artist
– hair stylist

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