Studio renting

Our favorite playground, the photo studio can also be rented. Our modern, well-equipped office is at an easily accessable part of Újpest. Either by car or public transport, it takes only about 15-20 minutes to get here from the city center.

For photography, we offer 2 pieces of 1600Ws Balcar generator for using maximum 4 flash units at the same time with numerous reflectors and light shapers. We have some Visico studio flashes as well with 200-300-500Ws power and Bowens adapter.

If you want to make videos, we can offer 8 pieces os spiral tube lamps with 2000W total, or 2000W equivalent Jinbei LED lamps with Bowens head. We can bring you in 900LED lamps and Mikrosat Digital R flashes.

You can record sound int he studio also, right now we have 2.7m backdrops in many colours .

The studio is soundproof, in case you would like to record sound. There is a 5m wide infinite white background, but you can use a variety of 2.7m backdrops too.

If you’re not in the photo-video industry, you can still rent the 50 square metre studio for workshops or educational events. We’ve got a white board, a projector, drop-down screen and a complete sound system. All you need is a laptop, and the presentation can get started! There’s a price cut if you don’t need any lighting equipment.



Weekdays: 9h – 20h 4.000 Ft / hour incl. VAT (minimum 2 hours)

Weekend: 10h – 19h 4.700 Ft / hour incl. VAT (minimum 3 hours)

Beyond opening hours: 5.500 Ft / hour incl. VAT

Fort he price you can use the whole equipment and space of the studio (with basic assistance, lighting, backdrops, accessories)

Backdrop damage fee (in case of strong tear or dust): 2.500 Ft / m

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